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Huawei Releases the Initiative of "Towards an Intelligent World"

Wang Tao, the managing director of Huawei and director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, said in his keynote speech "Embrace the 5.5G era and move towards an intelligent world" that individuals, families and industries put forward higher requirements for digital infrastructure in the future intelligent world. The "5.5G" era is the only way to move towards an intelligent world.

    In order to accelerate the arrival of the 5.5G era, Huawei proposes that the industry take eight measures: distribute more spectrum to accelerate industrial development, and explore more valuable new commercial scenarios with industrial partners; Work with industry partners to promote the maturity of F5.5G industry and standards; Reach consensus on the evolution direction of Net5.5G as soon as possible; Jointly define the goals of L4/L5 network autonomy and promote mutual recognition of standards; Build an open and win-win diversified computing industry and redefine the architecture with the industry; Work with partners to define a storage architecture that meets diverse data processing requirements; Build a cloud base for the intelligent world and jointly build a cloud ecosystem; Unify the energy efficiency indicator system and continue to innovate to enable energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry.

   Under the guidance of eight initiatives, Huawei released a series of white papers entitled "Towards an Intelligent World" at the summit, elaborating on the opportunities and challenges faced by each industry's business needs and technological development driven by two wheels, identifying key change trends, and defining the direction of action around 2025.

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