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Supermicro Expands Its NVIDIA-Certified Server Portfolio with New NVIDIA H100 Optimized GPU Systems; New Servers Boost AI Training Performance by up to 9x

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, GPUs, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology, is extending its lead in accelerated compute infrastructure again with a full line of new systems optimized for NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs– encompassing over 20 product options. With a large portfolio of NVIDIA-Certified Systems, Supermicro is now leveraging the new NVIDIA H100 PCI-E and NVIDIA H100 SXM GPUs.

"Today, Supermicro introduced GPU-based servers with the new NVIDIA H100," said Charles Liang, president, and CEO of Supermicro. "We continue to offer the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry today and can deliver these systems in a range of sizes, including 8U, 5U, 4U, 2U, and 1U options. We also offer the latest GPU in our SuperBlades®, workstations, and the Universal GPU systems. Customers can expect up to 30x performance gains for AI inferencing compared to previous GPU generations of accelerators for certain AI applications. Our GPU servers' innovative airflow designs result in reduced fan speeds, less power consumption, lower noise levels, and a lower total cost of ownership."

Supermicro systems certified with the NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs include NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an end-to-end cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software optimized to enable organizations to use AI. Supermicro systems with NVIDIA AI Enterprise combined with NVIDIA H100 GPUs simplify the building of AI-ready platforms, accelerate AI development and deployment, and deliver performance, security, and scalability to gather insights faster and achieve business value sooner. 

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